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Dkubus origins can be traced back through the history of “Stuttgart-Classics racing” two and a half decades of German Classic car tuning, modification and racing.

Through this period German Classic Cars have always been our thing, and developing parts for performance gain is something we have always done out of passion above all else.

With more and more people approaching us for performance enhancements for their Classic Mercedes Benz vehicles, the time had come in 2014 to launch “Dkubus Pty Ltd”.

At dkubus our ethos is to not be bound by what others have done in the past, nor what they might think is possible. Our “dkubus” & “dk” brand logos stand for “innovative design solutions” for the enhancement of the Classic Machines that we love.

Our dkubus brand product offerings are developed by a small team of true automotive enthusiast engineers, designers and fabricators for all enthusiasts to enjoy world wide.

Mike Poll Jonker


Performance K-Jet fuel injection & Racing parts